What is the difference between a Public & Private game?
A Private game lets you decide when you want to play and with whom all you want to play. The person setting up the game can send facebook invites or invites through any media – whatsapp, facebook, google hangouts, Bluetooth, etc. Each game setup is for one hour. Once the hour is up, a new game starts.

In a public game, the players can join games that are open to all. Public games are initiated by the game administrator only.

What are the different prizes?
The caller / dealer calls out randomly generated number/ cues one at a time. Players are required to check their tickets and mark off the numbers if applicable. The person who gets to mark off all the numbers in the winning combination first is the winner. You can choose to play with a maximum of three tickets with players not exceeding 25 per game. You have a chance to win from the following winning combinations:

  1. Early Five
  2. Four Corners
  3. Top line, Middle line and bottom line (each horizontal line gets a separate prize)
  4. Full House

What is Autocut?
Joined in late for a game? Don’t want to spend precious seconds to cross out all numbers already called out? Missed a few numbers while chatting with your friend? Autocut is here to your rescue!

This is a premium paid feature where the players can choose to have the application cut the already called out numbers on their ticket. When the player chooses this feature, the application deducts certain points from his/her account. You have the option of opting for this feature as many times as you wish during a game.

Will prize amount be distributed in case of multiple successful claims for the same prize?
The game is designed in a fashion to ensure only one claimant can lay claim for a winning combination. The application can differentiate claims made in a gap of micro seconds also, hence, for any prize there is only one claimant. Due to this, prize money does not need to be distributed for any prize.

What is boogie and how does it impact the game?
‘Boogie’ is when a player calls out for a wrong claim. The dealer checks the numbers for all claims, and the claim must have the last number called out. In case the winning combination has a wrongly cut number or does not have the last number called out, then the claim becomes a boogie claim and the dealer cancels the ticket. The player then cannot play using the boogie ticket.

In case the first claim turns out to be a boogie, then the second claimant gets a chance to win that prize. Overall, the game loses one ticket / player and the other players have a little less competition.

How much does it cost to play?
Tambola is a Freemium game – you are not charged anything to start playing the game. The application assigns the initial set of points to you. As you keep playing, you can continue to add to these points when you claim your prizes. However, in the event that you have not been able to claim any prizes and have used up your points (starting personal games, using autocut etc.), you can add points to your depleting reserve by making an IN/APP purchase.