Private Tambola Game:

Want to create your own Tambola Housie game with your friends and family? All you need to do is click on the ‘Private Game’ option and enter into the private game arena. You will further find 2 options to select

  • Sponsored by Organizer: With this option, the organizer can choose the number of players and the players can join the game for FREE. The coins would be deducted from the organizer's account.
  • Players Buy Their Own Coins: With this option, the players can buy their own coins to play the Tambola housie game.

(Note: The game needs a minimum 5 players to get started)

After all, more group cohesiveness means more fun!

Create a Private Tambola Game

Create a game for only for a select group – more group cohesiveness means more fun!

In-game Chat

You can now chat with the other game participants and make new friends or strengthen your bond with your friends and family. All in all, playing and catching up with buddies at the same time is so much fun!

Autocut Feature

Do you have the fear of missing out on any number that has been called in the game? No Worries! You can select the Auto-Cut Feature and the app will do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is relax, enjoy and claim your winnings!

Multiple Tickets Feature

Are you the one who always wants to win the game? We have an option to increase your chances of winning! Use Multiple Tickets (Upto 3 tickets in a single game) and claim the maximum number of winnings in the game.

A Secret Tip: Use Auto-Cut Feature while playing with multiple tickets and see yourself in the leaderboard everytime you play! (Of Course if you are lucky enough)

Play with Friends Globally

There are no boundaries and no limitations on who can join the game. You can invite anyone from anywhere in the world at any time and create the best memories of your life.

Social Media Sharing

Let your friends know that you ruled the leaderboard. Share your winnings on your social media profiles. Our motto – leave no friend behind on any social media platform!

Friends & Global Leaderboard

View scores, winnings and claims of all your friends on the left-hand pane – the global leaderboard

Manage Profile

View your total games played, total wins and luck rating along with your friends and groups in the app.