Missing your Friends? Invite them to Play Housie Online!

Missing your Friends? Invite them to Play Housie Online!

June 10, 2020

With the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, we all are into the lockdown mode. Though we all are spending quality time with our families, but we all are definitely missing our friends.

So, how can you get your dose of fun with your friends in this situation? But wait, just because you cannot meet your friends, it doesn’t mean that you cannot connect with them. Well, there are various good online versions of our traditional games that will help you in getting your group together virtually.

There are dozens of online games on your phones that can keep you entertained with your friends. Though games like Ludo King, PuBG, House Party, and Tambola Bingo Housie have maintained to stay at the top!

The best part? These games keep you active, keep your blood pumping, and most importantly they help you in getting away from the boredom.

How about taking a break from the usual card and battle games and indulging in playing the digital version of your traditional Tambola housie game online? You’ll be amazed to see how this simple game can turn into a fun and exciting one!

Already excited? Let’s see how you can invite your friends to play this complete family and friends entertainer.

What is the Tambola Bingo Housie Game? – An Intro

Tambola, also popularly known as Bingo, Housey Housey, or Housie is a multiplayer game played from generations. This game of possibilities has the basic principles, wherein the organizer or the caller calls the number one at a time, and the player simply cuts the called number on their ticket or card.

In the era of digitization, this traditional game can be played by the “n” number of players from anywhere in the world since it is easily available online. The interesting part is Tambola can be played Live online, where the player will be dealing with the real players from around the world, you can even join the existing public games or create your own private game with your buddies.

So, what are you waiting for? Challenge your friends to play housie game and have a gala time together!

How to Play Tambola Online?

In the new version of Digital Tambola, the app has a ticket with 3 horizontal rows and 9 vertical columns having 27 boxes in total. Each vertical line on the ticket has 5 number boxes and 4 blank boxes. In this online Tambola game, the player can choose to play with 1, 2, or 3 tickets depending upon his choice. All you need to do is cut the number being called and be quick to claim the prizes.

Wouldn’t it be fun to play this online housie game with friends?

Download Tambola Bingo on App Store

Some Outstanding features of the Tambola Housie Game:

  • Public Games: How about making new friends while playing the game? You can join various public games and chat with the players to create your own Tambola Squad. 
  • Private Games: Are you looking for virtual house games for a party? Tambola Bingo Housie can become your savior! Create a private game and invite your friends to join the game and have fun hosting your virtual house party. 
  • Multiple Tickets: Beginners can start with 1 ticket whereas the skillful player can start with multiple tickets. Players with multi tickets in this free online game require more speed to play, but the advantage is it also enhances the chance to claim the winning combination.
  • Auto Cut: Do you fear to miss out on any number that is being called off? Use the Auto-Cut feature and let the system do the work for you! It works well with multiple tickets. 
  • In-App Chat: Make the housie game fun to play with your friends while chatting and discussing the game. It would become a much more exciting and exhilarating experience for everyone playing the game. 

Some Expert Tips to Win Your Tambola Housie Game

Despite the element of luck that’s already in the game, Tambola players can use various tricks and techniques to play this housie game as a Pro. Even though the Tambola online game is entirely based on random chances, here are some of the useful tips for players of all skill sets to increase their winning chances. 

  • To play Tambola online, pick a reputable site or app. So, that you can avail all the features and increase your chances of winning. 
  • Be attentive while playing and avoid all the little distractions. Because a minute disturbance can seize your chance to win.
  • Be Quick to claim the prizes.


Tambola is nowadays not only limited to pen, paper or board and not even to a confined number of players. You can now play Tambola games online with the “n” number of players and can also download free Tambola games from Google Play Store as well as App Store.

So what are you waiting for? Add an element of fun in your lockdown phase and invite your friends to play housie online and make memories together!

All you need to do is download the housie game and get ready to win like a pro!

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