Best Tips for Corporates to Keep Employees Engaged

Best Tips for Corporates to Keep Employees Engaged

June 26, 2020

With the coming times, employee engagement is becoming one of the most discussed issues by business leaders. 

Do you know, highly engaged businesses are 20% more productive than normal businesses? Highly engaged businesses are more productive, profitable, and likely to retain their top talent than companies with low levels of employee engagement.

Not only that, but these business units also see a 20% boost in sales as a result of their high engagement levels. In short, you need to work effectively to engage your employees. But, the main question is how?

So here, we have listed the top 8 ways in which you can engage your employees.

Tips to Keep Your Employees Engaged

8 Best Tips for Corporates to Keep Employees Engaged

1. Engage them with Recognition & Rewards

If you’re working on motivating your employees, you must have probably considered some type of awards and recognition for them till now. It is the perfect time to work on it and make your employees feel that their contributions are noticed and valued. 

It is a form of positive reinforcement. By recognizing the great efforts they put in, you motivate them to keep doing their best. 

Moreover, a recent study says that companies that make a point to recognize employees based on values see a 90% positive impact on employee engagement. With this approach, employees bond with each other and form relationships built on more than just deadlines. 

2. Organizing Online Fun Games

The best way to engage your employees is by involving them in online fun games. One of the most popular games for corporate events is online housie. Employees love playing these interactive and fun games. To play Tambola online with your employees, all you need to do is download the Tambola Bingo Housie Game, create a private room, and invite your employees to play and have fun together!

It is the best way to let your employees reinvent themselves and to elevate their skills and contributions. Moreover, investing in your employees’ happiness can help in building loyalty and engagement.  

3. Providing Training and Coaching

It is vital for companies to create a culture that encourages continuous development of their employees and help them in building the skills they need to do their jobs. It also states that the company values its employees and believes in investing in their potential. Also, the more the employee feels the company is investing in the future, the higher the level of engagement you get.

You can do the same without spending much by allowing the employees to understand each other’s duties and allotting them some time to do R&D on their specific projects so that they can work on it. 

4. Get Social

Do you know engaged workers feel emotionally invested in their jobs? A simple way to help employees care more about their workplace is to promote closer connections to colleagues. Teamwork is increasingly important for any organization, healthy personal relationships are the key ingredient for it. And there’s virtually no end to the types of events that HR can sponsor and help in fostering the relationship. 

As long as employees are addressed in the right way, taking this tactic can help employees feel valued and appreciated for what they bring to the company. For example, organizing potluck lunches, and HR can search for games for corporate events too.

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5. Provide Support for Equipment and other necessities

The mantra of any real work lies in two things, they are:

  • The skill of a person 
  • The tools at their disposal. 

Modern offices are usually equipped with state-of-art tools and technologies. And these have an immediate relationship with the quality of work. If employees are working remotely, this becomes a massive hurdle in terms of their productivity.

If your employees are operating from home, provide them with the right pieces of equipment or other necessities. This way they would be encouraged and motivated. Moreover, you can offer compensation or discount for them.

6. Promote Health and Wellness

It is important to ensure that your employees stay motivated at work and it depends a lot on their physical and mental wellbeing. Keeping up good health has become a matter of utmost importance in these times. By offering them access to free gym or discounts on their gym fees or by conducting regular yoga sessions in the offices can help a lot. 

To promote their physical wellbeing, a great idea is to make them download a mobile wellness application that will help them in taking part in various health tasks. All in all, it is about thinking innovatively to look after your employees’ wellbeing and at the same time keeping them active so that they can perform well.

7. Listen to Employees

Effective businesses pay close attention to what their employees have to say and then act on their feedback. It is one of the reasons for increasing your employees’ engagement. This approach communicates to employees that their views are important. Not only does this comprehensive approach to listening help an organization pinpoint and quickly address problems, but it also makes people feel valued.

After all, it is said, “we give more to those places where we feel our voice matters. The best part is managers get valuable insights about the worker who is being assessed.

8. Re-examine Relationship with your Employees

It is vital for organizations to elevate their corporate culture and make it mutually beneficial so that the employees feel valued. It’s crucial that the managers display trust in their team. Re-examining your relationship with your employees after every 3 months can help make employees feel trusted and thereby reduce stress and enhance efficiency.


Employee engagement is one of the main factors to increase your business value and recognition. So, make it a priority in your organization and follow these simple 8 tips to engage and motivate your employees. And, you will be on your way to engaging employees and excelling in your industry.

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